Day Negative One (Part Two)

Days Without a Cigarette: 0
Days Without Nicotine: 0
Dollars Saved: $0.00

I’ve gotta admit, the numbers are scary as hell. I’m a data driven person. I like to think of myself as a rationalist, and a big part of that is understanding the math. And 1 in 5 are shit odds.

From everything I’ve been reading, those are my approximate chances. About 20% of people who get serious enough about quitting to set a date actually wind up quitting for any real length of time. And I understand statistics well enough to know that doesn’t mean I just have to quit five times to make sure it sticks. Hell, the most the little booklet that came with my nicotine patches was willing to say was “nearly half of the people who use this patch are able to quit for a couple of days.”

I know the odds aren’t with me. But you are. And that helps.

Published by Noah Lugeons

Noah Lugeons co-hosts a bunch of podcasts: The Scathing Atheist, God Awful Movies, The Skepticrat, and Citation Needed

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