Noah Quits

Because Fuck Cigarettes

Day Sixty Three

Days Without a Cigarette: 62.74791667 Days Without Nicotine: 5.74791667Dollars Saved: $232.41 Time Saved: 88 hours, 55 minutes I can’t decide if I’ve got another gauntlet to pass through this weekend, or if I’ve got a victory lap to take. This weekend we’ve got a live show in LA, so I’ve gotta fly across the countryContinue reading “Day Sixty Three”

Day Fifty Seven

Days Without a Cigarette: 56.80208333 Days Without Nicotine: 0.34375* Dollars Saved: $194.61 Time Saved: 80 hours, 28 minutes As of today, that second ticker starts moving. Days without nicotine? No longer zero. Sort of. On the advice of Melissa, I actually left the patch from yesterday on today, so some trace amount of nicotine isContinue reading “Day Fifty Seven”

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