Noah Quits

Because Fuck Cigarettes

Day Eighty Two

Days Without a Cigarette: 81.56875Days Without Nicotine: 24.56875Dollars Saved: $345.81Time Saved: 115 hours, 33 minutes I can’t say for certain that I’ve gone a whole day at this point without thinking about cigarettes, because realizing you’ve gone the whole day without thinking about something forces you to think about that thing. So, by necessity, if…

Day Seventy Two

Days Without a Cigarette: 71.702777 Days Without Nicotine: 14.702777 Dollars Saved: $291.81 Time Saved: 101 hours, 35 minutes When I was living in New York, I had a friend that moved to the west coast. He was a smoker when he left, but he quit shortly thereafter. Or at least that was his claim. But…

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