Day Eight (Part Two)

Days Without a Cigarette: 7.85625 Days Without Nicotine: 0 Dollars Saved: $5.61 Tonight would have been the perfect night for a cigarette. So here’s the story – here’s the astronomical confluence of events inviting me to smoke tonight: My house is old. Shit doesn’t line up just right. And if you don’t latch the deadbolt,Continue reading “Day Eight (Part Two)”

Day Eight (Technically)

Days Without a Cigarette: 7.03541667Days Without Nicotine: 0Dollars Saved: $0.21 Alright, so it’s barely after midnight, and I didn’t quit at exactly midnight last week, so this really isn’t day eight. Hell, I didn’t even bother adding in the money for the pack of smokes I didn’t buy this week, but it’s still worth gettingContinue reading “Day Eight (Technically)”